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San Francisco > Activities > Muir Woods National Park

Muir Woods National Park

Muir Woods National Park
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Over 1.5 million people come to see the magnificent redwood forest each year at the Muir Woods National Park which is situated just 19 kilometers outside of San Francisco.

The sheer magnitude of the trees is awesome – you feel so small strolling beneath the ancient redwood trees that encompass this famous park.

Native Americans were the first inhabitants of this beautiful coastal forest which is believed to have stretched over 2 million acres! Since then many of the trees have been chopped down, but the Muir Woods National monument still has an impressive forest.

Walking amongst these ancient trees really gives you an amazing sense of history and some of these trees have seen hundreds of years pass from this peaceful forest. The mist that rises off the Pacific Ocean lingers in the forest and is the reason that these trees have thrived here for so long. The Redwood trees in the Muir Wood are world famous; tallest tree is 258 feet and the oldest tree is over a thousand years old!

Hiking on the paved trails offers visitors a tranquil nature experience. There are many trails to choose from and all are paved to protect the ecosystem from the heavy foot traffic. It can get pretty crowded in peak season but there are some isolated trails such as the Ocean View Trail which is a 3 mile roundtrip. Summer is the best time to visit the Muir Woods National Park which opens at 8 am and only closes at sunset.

Often shrouded by the beautiful mist – you really experience a sense of primitive magic here. Nature lovers and tree huggers will be awe inspired by this beautiful forest!

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